Baby Products / Monday, October 29th, 2018

Sonny angels are a type of dolls originated from Japan for babies and toddlers. They act as an irresistible friend who is always there by your side to make you smile, comfort you and to protect you. This in fact is the mission of a sonny angel who acts as a shield for you. A major feature of the mini doll series of the Sonny Angel is that each series consists of 12 different headgears in random blind box packaging where one doesn’t know which one they will get inside until the package is opened. And that exactly is the most fun and exciting part where you don’t know what you are getting inside until you open up the package. This element of surprise is what excites the kids.  

The first sonny angel was brought in the market in 2005 March and soon after some time a series of mini figure of sonny angels in Australia was released. The birthday of these angels are on May 15th. The way these dolls work is that in each series of sonny angels, there are 12 dolls but each purchase is a secret purchase as nobody is aware of which one you will be getting inside. Not even the shop keeper is aware of the fact that what will be inside so no matter where you buy it from, you will never know which one you are getting until you open up the pack. The point to be noted here is that the box shows a display of a particular doll but it is not always necessary that you will get the one display on the box.  

The packaging however, shows a display of the complete series of 12 dolls so that when the entire series is collected, you can go for the next one. I can’t really think of any child who wouldn’t love making an entire collection of the sonny angels. What the children can do is that in order to complete their collection, they may trade or swap with each other their dolls. Well, when I was a kid myself, I very much enjoyed the swapping phase as it was really a fun thing to do.  

Lastly, the best thing about the sonny angels is that if you can bear to have a one piece of the entire series missing, you can order for yourself 12 angels for the price of 10 and this way you are guaranteed to get a complete collection of 12 sonny angels of the entire series. So what are you waiting for? Start purcashing sonny angels for your little ones to have them excited about collecting the entire range of them. For more information, please log on to