Organizing A Party For Your Pregnant Friend

Baby Products / Thursday, August 24th, 2017

If you have a close friend that is pregnant and about to give birth in the next few weeks, it is customary to organize a baby shower for her where all of her friends get together and treat her to nice things and buy her gifts. You have to keep in mind however that as much as a baby shower can be a welcome distraction for some mothers to be to get away from all of the discomfort that they are feeling, for some mothers to be, it might seem like a nuisance to have people over at her home when she is in so much discomfort and potentially feeling very sick as well.

Ask for permission from her family
It is important that before you go all out and throw a massive surprise party for your friend, you ask for permission and ask her family about her condition. Pregnancies can be very different and while some women will be feeling better towards the end, some women will be very sick and will want to stay in bed during this time without disturbances. If her partner or her family has told you that things will be fine and that she would like to have a party, you can choose to get together with a few of her other friends and even with her siblings to throw her a perfect little party complete with lots of gifts for baby shower. When selling great quality of products of gifts, it would be a good idea to coordinate with the other guests because what usually happens at baby showers and also with bridal showers is that everyone ends up buying the same things and then the mother will end up with six food processors and not much of the other things that she will need.

A better way to handle it would be to get together with the other guests over coffee, make a decision on how much each person is willing to pool in and make a list of baby gifts ideas of a high standard baby stuff. You can then either appoint one person to go shopping for all of the things or you can delegate one product per person so that everyone knows what to get and therefore repetition is avoided. Another idea would be that you all get together on that same day and go out shopping together which would be a lot of fun if you all know each other and you can couple the day with a nice lunch. It would also be a good idea to keep the father in the loop to make sure you do not buy things she has already gotten.