Dealing With The Inability To Breast Feed

Baby Products / Monday, September 4th, 2017

Before you have a baby, you might believe that breast feeding is easy and that breast milk comes naturally without much effort but after you give birth, you will start to realize that it is not at all easy to produce breast milk at first and that you will be struggling for the first few days or even weeks sometimes. Many people give up very easily because formula has been marketed to them so strongly but it is possible to start producing milk with help. Sometimes, the baby is born with a slight lisp and is then unable to suckle correctly and lack of suckling can then cause milk to not produce because it is the suckling and the demand that makes the milk happen.

Seek professional help

If you are unable to breast feed, it is vital that you seek out the help of a breast feeding consultant who will teach you how to help your baby to suckle and will help you to produce. Do you immediately switch to good baby formula no matter what the advertisements that you have seen tell you because these advertisements are from the dairy industry that earns a lot of money in the tune of billions from women giving up on breast feeding. Breast feeding is not easy and this is usually a surprise fact that many new mothers discover with their first baby because it hurts, bleeds and most often it does not produce at the beginning leaving you frustrated and believing that you are doing something wrong.

Toddler formula provides you with a way out but this is often not the best thing for your baby and in this case, you have to think of your babies best interests before your own comfort or interests. Breast milk is the one thing that can provide your baby with the optimum and perfect nourishment that he or she needs to grow up strong and cow’s milk is not even a close second because it causes many health issues and even allergies that your baby will have to live with for the rest of his or her life. Breast milk creates an immune system for your baby and this immune system will define how healthy your baby will be in adult hood. If a baby who is breast fed correctly for a minimum of one year is compared with a formula fed baby, there will be many differences and even as they grow up, you will see that they are not at all the same in terms of health.